The Parks Department is responsible for the daily maintenance of six City Parks and nine City owned sites. Maintenance includes mowing, debris removal, and tree trimming. It is also responsible for the cleaning of three restroom facilities daily, inspection and repair of playground equipment at Community Park, reservations for the Pavilion at Community Park and Newbury Park. Additional duties include emptying and maintaining trash receptacles downtown and the mowing of all City right of ways.

To Reserve a City Park
Please write a brief note stating:

  • Your name
  • Which park you’d like to reserve
  • Date you’d like to reserve the park
  • Timefame you’d like to reserve the park (e.g. 1:00pm – 5:00pm)
  • State that you understand that you must clean up after your party

Please include a full mailing address and phone number at the bottom of request.

You can deliver your request by:

  • Bringing it to our office
  • Faxing it to us
  • Completing the online form below

We will check our calendar, if available, we will stamp it approved and give it back to you or we will fax it back to you.

Park Reservation Request
Your Name
Park to Reserve
Date to Reserve Park
Times to Reserve to
I understand that I am responsible for cleaning the park after my event.